Today I am happy to guest a post written by the friends of MTSroller, a web site involved in providing solutions for all types of skin related problems. In this case, the article discusses about the possible problems that the skin may suffer during and after pregnancy. I’m sure this post will affect all the new mothers and the women who are about to embark on the sweet journey of motherhood. Here’s the contribution …

Oggi sono felice di ospitare un post scritto dagli amici di, un sito impegnato nell’offrire soluzioni per la cura e il benessere della pelle. In questo caso l’articolo tratta dei possibili problemi di cui può soffrire l’epidermide durante e dopo la gravidanza. Sono sicura che interesserà tutte le neo mamme e le donne che stanno per intraprendere il dolce cammino della maternità, un percorso certo entusiasmante ma non privo di qualche piccolo ostacolo. Ecco a voi il contributo…


Becoming a mother is the most wonderful experience in this world. Your mind and your body go through many phases which bring about chemical and physical changes in you. Besides internal changes, there are many superficial changes that occur on the skin surface that can be quite troublesome, during and after pregnancy.

Pregnancy has its high points and low. The hormones can cause havoc to you mind and skin. On the bright side, most of these changes are temporary and phase out gradually in a year or so. A little awareness and consulting the right doctor will help you handle these outbursts with a calm head. There is no hard and fast rule, some mothers get them and others don’t.
Here is a list of common skin problems women face during and after pregnancy.

1. Acne
Acne is directly related to the hormonal level of your body. It might not be as severe as teenage, but can still be very painful. Try not to use medication as it subsides on its own. It generally affects the neck and lower area. It gets severe if you have clogged pores, with excess secretion of sebum. Do not let it affect your state of mind or self confidence.

2. Melasma
Melasma is the occurring of dark patches of skin on the face, mostly the forehead and chin and cheeks. The skin in these areas becomes dark due to excess production of melanin. Avoid going out in the direct sun and use a broad spectrum sun screen. The patches generally disappear after child birth. It is also called the ‘mask of pregnancy‘ and is more prominent in wheatish women.


3. Spider Veins
A spider like effect is visible on the face due to increased blood circulation and heightened hormones. Most commonly seen around the face, neck and upper body, an increased blood supply causes pressure in the veins to increase. The easiest method to avoid spider veins is to have a fibrous diet, rich in fruits and vegetables.

4. Skin tags
During pregnancy when the skin rubs against skin the nodules attached to the body grow into folds of the skin. They are most commonly found in the armpits, beneath the breasts. Even when the skin rubs on clothes the tags appear. They generally disappear after a few months of child birth. Wear comfortable clothes, made of soft fabrics.

5. Stretch Marks
These are nature’s way of leaving evidence of what you went through. This is the most common problem faced by all mothers. They might appear during pregnancy or after delivery. Since, the fibers get softened due to hormone production, they never go back to their original condition. Most common areas are abdomen, thighs and breasts. These marks are also related to the hormonal level in your body. They can be red, purple or white in color. Although they never lead to any complications, but they are very un appealing. Over a period of time they fade, but never go away.

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